Contemporary summer fashion portrait | Notting Hill, London | Model: Cyrielle

Contemporary summer portraits

I was called in a little while ago to help create a few editorial portfolio images on location in Notting Hill, London. Happy and summery images with lots of colour was the brief, with a contemporary catalogue look.

Edgy fashion editorial. Model: Jasmine. London

The look

I met Jasmine in northern Stockholm one overcast summer morning to shoot some retro inspired fashion images with a link to the late 80s. We’d been discussing the shoot over the last week and had settled on an moody monochrome theme.

Model portfolio shoot. Karin. Stockholm & London

Get signed by a top model agency

Being a model involves a lot more than being pretty. An important step is to get a decent portfolio, or at least a few good images, to present to agencies. Karin contacted me for just this reason. She wanted strong fashion photographs to show off her best features, to impress the agencies and …

Location fashion portrait, Sweden. Model: Olga. Photo: Donald Linderyd, London

Location, location, location… for portraits

Finding the right location can make or break a photograph. For these fashion portraits the brief was to get something that gave a feeling of exploring Africa. A trip to the african continent would have been nice, but the budget was just not there, so we had to make do with Sweden. …

Fibes, Oh Fibes! on stage. Music photography

Six steps to improve your live music photography

Have you seen the energy-filled photos in magazines and blogs of your favourite band’s last gig – the one you went to – and wondered why these images look so much better than yours? With a few simple steps you can vastly improve your photos from the next gig.

Helena. Outdoor portrait

Great looking outdoor portraits made easy

How do you create fantastic looking portraits that resembles anything like the images we see in the glossy magazines, rather than pictures of people squinting in the sun or with raccoon eyes? Well, there is nothing replacing professional experience, but with a little training it’s remarkably easy to make huge improvements. …